Holy Week Resources

Icon of Crucifixion by Theophanes the Cretan

Here are some resources for Holy Week:

Texts for Holy Week & Pascha (Word & PDF formats) prepared by V. Rev. Michael Najim

Holy Week Texts in Spanish (Word format) scroll down to “Semana Santa”

Audio Recordings of Holy Week Services from Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church (OCA)

Video Recordings of Holy Week Services from St. Mary Cambridge

Hymns of Holy Week and Pascha from the Greek Archdiocese’s Lent page

Holy Week Hymns Pascha Music from various sources

Orthros (Matins) Service of Pascha (requires Real Player) sung by Eikona from the Greek Archdiocese webpage (the Canon of this service is attibuted to St. John of Damascus)

Holy Week Explanations:

Getting Ready for Holy Week: A Guide for Families

Articles by Fr. Thomas Hopko:

Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday

Holy Week

Holy Thursday

Holy Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday: The Holy Pascha

Los Oficios de la Semana Santa por Padre Hopko (in Spanish)


2 Responses to Holy Week Resources

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for these resources! The real gem is the chanting done by Eikona of the Matins Service for Pascha. Such beautiful voices! Definitely worth the download.

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