From Matins of Holy & Great Saturday

From Matins of Holy and Great Saturday

From the file description:

Medieval Byzantine Chant chanted in Greek:

Title: “Τον ήλιον κρύψαντα” (Seeing the sun hide its rays)

This hymn is a lament chanted from the perspective of Joseph of Arimathea, pleading with Pontius Pilate for the Body of Jesus. It is one of the most beautiful hymns of the Holy Week and it is of particular notice that Jesus is referred to as the “Stranger”, thus pointing out both the divinity of Jesus and the fundamental principle of unconditional love towards the unknown brother, the stranger.
Dedicated to all the strangers of this world…

English translation:

Seeing the sun hide its rays
and the veil of the Temple rent asunder at the Saviour’s death,
Joseph came before Pilate, beseeching him, saying;
Give me this stranger,
who from infancy guested in the world as a stranger,
Give me this stranger,
whom his own people have hated and slain as a stranger,
Give me this stranger,
at the sight of whose strange death I am bewildered
Give me this stranger,
who knew how to give hospitality to the poor and the stranger,
Give me this stranger,
whom the Hebrews have estranged from the world out of envy,
Give me this stranger,
so that I may hide in a tomb him,
who as a stranger has nowhere to lay his head,
Give me this stranger
whom his Mother saw dead and cried out
“O my Son and God, even if I am wounded to the core and my heart stricken,
as I see you a corpse,
yet with confidence I magnify your Resurrection”.
facing down Pilate with these words
the noble one took the Saviour’s body
and in fear wrapped it in linen and sweet spices
and laid in a new tomb him who bestows on all
eternal life and great mercy.

Part 2 here.


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