How Shall I Bury You, My God?

When Joseph with Nikodemos took you,
who are clothed with light as a garment,
down from the Tree,
and saw you a dead body, naked, unburied,
he was filled with compassion,
and raising a lament he grieved and said,
‘Alas, sweetest Jesu,
when a little while ago the sun saw you hanging on the Cross,
it wrapped itself in gloom,
and the earth quaked with fear,
and the veil of the temple was rent in two;
but see, I now look on you,
who for me have willingly undergone death;
how shall I bury you, my God?
Or how shall I wrap you in shrouds;
with what hands shall I touch your immaculate body?
Or what songs shall I sing at your departure?
I magnify your sufferings and I hymn your burial,
with your resurrection, as I cry: Lord, glory to you!’

From Vespers of Holy and Great Friday


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