The Midnight Pascha Service 2010

Last  Sunday night, just after Midnight, tens of millions of Orthodox Christians around the world gathered to celebrate Christ’s resurrection — Pascha (Easter). In less than 24 hours, many videos of this celebration were posted to You Tube. Here are a representative few from parishes, both small and large:

As a prelude to the Midnight celebration, the Nocturne service is chanted. After this, with lit candles the people begin the procession to the “tomb,” as here at Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (USA):

Here we  accompany the parishioners of Holy Cross Orthodox Church in High Point, North Carolina (USA) as they make their journey. The Light of Christ shines in the darkness and after the faithful reach the “tomb,” they will soon begin to sing  joyfully: “Christ is Risen!” (at about 3:50 minutes into the video). At the end of this video, they have begun the Pascha Matins Service and enter the church:

From St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas (USA), the faithful are at the door to the church, and the opening of the door symbolizes the opening of the “tomb”:

Some clips from the Paschal Matins Service, with many shouts of “Christ is Risen!” in many languages from Holy Cross Orthodox Church:

Pascha was celebrated similarly at midnight last night throughout the world. For example, here are Orthodox Christians in Sweden singing “Christ is Risen!”:

A news report from last night’s service in Kenya (part of the Patriarchate of Alexandria):

At these services,  St. John Chrysostom’s famous Homily for Pascha is traditionally read, as here at the Cathedral of the Dormition and All Saints in London:

Finally, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is celebrated. Here is the first part of the Cherubic Hymn from the Liturgy, sung at St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Olmsted Falls, Ohio (USA):

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