There is One Physician

St. Ignatius of Antioch was martyred in a Roman arena in 107 A.D. After his death, the saint’s followers lovingly carried his relics back to Antioch, where they remained until 637, when they were transferred to the Church of St. Clement in Rome.

This is chapter 7 of St. Ignatius of Antioch’s letter to Christians in Ephesus. After warning about danger of false teachers, he speaks of the true Physician of souls, giving us a strong testimony of the Deity of Christ:

For there are some who make a practice of carrying about the Name with wicked guile, and do certain other things unworthy of God; these you must shun as wild beasts, for they are ravening dogs, who bite secretly, and you must be upon your guard against them, for they are scarcely to be cured.

There is one Physician,

who is both flesh and spirit,

born and yet not born,

who is God in man,

true life in death,

both of Mary and of God,

first passible and then impassible,

Jesus Christ our Lord.

Text from the the translation of the Apostolic Fathers by Kirsopp Lake, Vol. 1, page 181.

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One Response to There is One Physician

  1. V says:

    St Ignatius is a glorious Saint, and is clearly passionate about the Church and Her people. He holds a place of prominence in my heart and I ask for his intercessions often. Were it not for his writings, I’m not sure I ever would’ve found the Orthodox Faith.

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