Ostrov — The Island

I thank Kim over at Nutbrown Cottage for introducing me to the film Ostrov — The Island, a 2006 film from Russia.

H/T Nutbrown Cottage:

Thanks to Rod Dreher who posted a wonderful piece about a film called The Island (or also called Ostrov) done in the beautiful spirit of Orthodoxy. It was wonderfully moving and made me glad I’ve found the Orthodox Church, strange as it often is to my Protestant mindset. God reveals His beauty in the strangest of places.

I’ve heard of “fools for Christ“, but never saw what that actually meant. In this film, Father Anatoli is one. He is skillfully played by Orthodox convert, Pyotr Mamonov. While doing some googling I found this post with a sermon he gave after the film came out. It’s worth your time to read.

You can watch The Island instantly on Netflix, as I did, or if you don’t have Netflix, you can watch it on YouTube (link is to part 1 of 12). I hope you check it out. You don’t have to be Orthodox to understand the deep Christian messages interwoven in this film.


One Response to Ostrov — The Island

  1. Kim says:

    Glad you liked it! It’s a great film.

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