Awesomeness from Pithless Thoughts

Amen to these thoughts from these two bloggers!

H/T: Byzantine Texas H/T Pithless Thoughts

The below is from Pithless Thoughts. I not infrequently receive emails asking for help in finding the right book on Orthodoxy or some specific aspect of it. I happily oblige, but I also mention that prayer, fasting, and attending the services of the Church are far superior to book reading. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve noted that I have said on many occasions, “If you can read your way into Orthodoxy, you can read yourself right back out.” The burgeoning English-language Orthodox book market of recent years has been a blessing to the Church, but it is in the practice of faith that we grow in understanding and grace. The experiential nature of the process requires just that: experiencing the sacramental Church.


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