What is the Historical Method?

David Withun, who blogs at Pious Fabrications and Patristic Lucubrations gives a helpful overview of the historical method, which is often ignored by those who try to explain the history of early Christianity as some sort of conspiracy theory. David also recently wrote on this subject here.


2 Responses to What is the Historical Method?

  1. Ric Ballard says:

    The historical critical methods greatest flaw for those who believe in God is that it leaves no room for the supernatural. It was a product of Enlightenment era thinking, which does not recognize “supernatural as a source”. For example, according to some historical critics the resurrection of Christ was a mere expression of the hope of his followers.Even our Holy Traditions and Scriptures were mere actions of the human will designed to support positions of the early church, rather than given by God. We should use all methods to try to arrive at truth but we must also recognize their weaknesses.

    • orthocath says:

      Very true. My friend David (who did the video) is a history major and these are part of his studies. I’m sure he also recognizes the role of the supernatural as well.

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