Results of the 2010 Lay Orthodox Survey on Attitudes Toward Orthodox-Catholic Reunion

My friend Teófilo de Jesús over at Vivificat has published the results of his survey of lay Orthodox on attitudes towards Orthodox-Catholic reunion. While there are only 105 respondents I think it gives a fairly accurate view of where many Orthodox (especially in North America) feel about potential reunion with the Catholic Church. He writes:

Although most respondents were remarkably open to exploring reconciliation and even for receiving a Council’s decision authorizing and enabling reunion, Orthodox respondents envisioned reunion only along strictly Orthodox theological lines, leaving little room for dogmatic diversity and with a significantly redefined notion of Roman Papal Primacy if one is to be retained at all. Despite exhaustive mutual consultation and general councils, reconciliation between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches may not take place at the grassroots, where lay Orthodox Christians reject membership within the reconciled Churches, making reconciliation a mere canonical formality without practical consequences and real liturgical communion between the Churches.

The whole report of the survey is well worth reading and can be accessed here.

Teófilo de Jesús is, as I understand, planning a similar survey of Catholic respondents to see what their responses would be from a Catholic perspective. That, too, would be an interesting read.

So far the survey has generated commentary from various Orthodox discussion boards and a Byzantine Catholic board. As far as I know, there’s been no commentary from any Roman Catholic blogs or discussion boards.

Please post any commentary on this survey at the Vivificat site.


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