Reading Recommendations re: Jehovah’s Witnesses

Because of my background, I get a lot of questions dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’m putting here a listing of some reading recommendations regarding the Witnesses that are freely available online. All these items are in PDF format, unless otherwise indicated. These represent a variety of views but are quite useful in understanding and replying to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

General Coverage: (online book PDFs)

Witnesses of Jehovah by Leonard and Marjorie Chretien (1988) Popularly written expose of JWs

Millions Now Living Will Never Die: A Study of Jehovah’s Witnesses by Alan Rogerson (1969) Scholarly examination of JWs

The Inside Story of Jehovah’s Witnesses by William C. Stevenson (1968) Personal testimony

The Gospel According to Jehovah’s Witnesses by John Coffey (1979) General doctrinal reply on a number of subjects

Apostles of Denial by Edmond Gruss (1970) Classic examination of JWs

Jehovah’s Witnesses by Maurice Barnett (2007) Covers history and doctrine

Specific Doctrinal Responses:

Jehovah’s Witness & Doctrinal Analysis

How To Respond to the JW publication: What Does The Bible Really Teach? by Wilbur Lingle

Is Your Hope Bible-Based? (Discusses the “two hopes” view JWs have of salvation)

Jesus of Nazareth — Who Is He? by Arthur Wallis (Written with JWs in mind but without mentioning them by name)

Witnessing the Name by Doug Mason (Deals with the name “Jehovah” in the New World Translation)

The Divine Name in the New World Translation by Lynn Lundquist

The Trinity Exposed! by Doug Mason

1914: The Touchstone of the Watchtower by Max Hatton (1965) A look at the 1914 chronology

Historical Idealism and Jehovah’s Witnesses by Thomas Daniels (Did Watchtower leaders predict Christ setting up his heavenly kingdom in 1914?)

Insights into the Watchtower Society (various short articles on doctrinal subjects)

The Watchtower’s Handling of Blood by Doug Mason


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