Vespers of the Nativity of Christ

All creation beholds the descent of God and rejoices. The Magi bring gifts; heaven speaks by means of a star; and the angels give glory, while the shepherds sing with awe. The manger supports Him as though it were a fiery throne. Rejoice, O Mother who sees all these wonders.

You are the Light unto the revelation of the Gentiles. O my eternal Son, O ineffable Begotten One of the Unbegotten Father. You have come in the appearance of my likeness. You come in order to enrich mankind which is afflicted with the poverty that You took upon yourself. We praise your compassion, O Lord.

O Mother, you see me resting in your arms. Be happy, for I have come to take away the anguish of Adam which resulted from the wicked plotting of the serpent who tempted him. He was outside the joys of Paradise because he fell prey to corruption.

O Bethlehem, adorn yourself! Sing, O city of Zion! Rejoice, O wilderness! Be filled with joy because the star goes ahead into Bethlehem, announcing Christ who desires to be born. The cave receives Him who nothing can contain. The manger prepares to receive the eternal Life. Therefore, let us all sing and cry out: Christ God, You are now born for our sakes; have mercy on us and save our souls.



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