This is a Russian documentary film which has won major awards at several international film festivals.

In the name of the movie — Outpost — is its main theme: a  monastery serving orphans and disabled children on the frontier between two countries, a symbol of a modern fortress of mercy and love.

Holy Ascension Monastery is located in Ukraine, a few kilometers from the border with Romania. It is perched on a hill as a strong fortress outpost. Founded in 1994 by Abbot Fr. Michael Jar and four monks, the monastery serves 140 orphans.

The film’s protagonist  is Fr. Michael, who has adopted several of the children, and who has been awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine.”

While the film is entirely in Russian and has no English subtitles, the film’s brilliant photography contains a message that transcends language and culture.

[vimeo  http://vimeo.com/19351602%5D

Also, watch on Vimeo

Additional information on this documentary can be read at Mystagogy.


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