Divine Liturgy in Kenya

It is estimated there are over 600,000 Orthodox Christians in Kenya, with between 200 to 300 parishes. The Church in Kenya is part of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and is strong and growing vigorously.  Here are videos from an Orthodox parish church celebrating the Divine Liturgy in Kamangu, Kenya. Kamangu is a small town north-west of Nairobi, the capital, and the language used is most likely Kikuyu, the language of the Kikuyu people in that area of Kenya:

The Cherubic Hymn and Great Entrance:

Receiving Communion:

Praises being sung:

More on the Orthodox Church in Kenya:

The Kenya Orthodox Experience

Kenya’s Orthodox Miracle

Orthodox Church in Kenya (includes slideshow)


4 Responses to Divine Liturgy in Kenya

  1. Thank you for the videos that you have been posting, I really appreciated these in particular – keep them coming.

  2. Jon Marc says:

    Thank you for posting these! I attended a Kikuyu-speaking parish while I was in boarding school in Kenya and these really bring back some memories :-).

  3. orthocath says:

    Glad they were enjoyed. I am fascinated to see how diverse the Church really is. I would love to visit some of these parishes in Africa someday.

  4. Jon Marc says:

    They’re a joy to visit! The repeated requests for money (even when you’re just a high school student living in the area) are not :-/.

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