Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on the Divine Liturgy

From the file description:

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia speaks about the meaning of the word “Liturgy” and the role of clergy and laity in the life of the Church. This video is an excerpt from the “Clergy and Laity in the Orthodox Church” lecture delivered at the St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and is part of a lecture series in the Detroit Metropolitan area during Metropolitan Kallistos’ visit on February 15-20, 2011 to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit.

Another lecture by Metropolitan Kallistos given in this series:


One Response to Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on the Divine Liturgy

  1. Matthew a Sinner says:

    An interesting note, last week I watched a DVD on the new translation of the Roman Mass in English and how it brings it back closer to the Original Latin of the Novus Ordo. This particular section’s commentary by the Catholic priest is almost identical to what Bishop Kallistos says here. Really cool that the “REFORM OF THE REFORM” brings the two liturgies closer together. I have always believed that the NOVUS ORDO in the Latin is closer to the Byzantine tradition as it should be. It was only the horrible English translations and practices that destroyed the continuity. In fact, I believe the N.O. properly translated and celebrated according to the rubrics is superior to the old 1962 Tridentine Use. I know that ruffles some feathers but I speak in terms of not only the meaning of what liturgy is and should be but what it can bring to a person’s spiritual life.

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