Resources for Lent, Holy Week & Pascha

I will be posting less the next few weeks so that I can attend to some personal goals. The blog will stay open and I will still post from time to time. In the interim, here are links to several posts that have been featured here in the past that can provide resources for Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha.

Great Lent Resources:

The Journey of Great Lent: Bright Sadness

Hymns in Anticipation of Lent

Forgiveness Vespers

Spiritual Reading for Great Lent

First Week of Great Lent: The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

The Presanctified Liturgy

Chants from the Presanctified Liturgy

In Many Tongues: The Sunday of Orthodoxy

Lenten Meditation

Sundays of Great Lent

The Doors of Repentance Open Unto Me

Holy Week Resources:

Holy Week Resources

Lazarus Saturday: Rejoice, O Bethany

From Matins for Palm Sunday

Behold the Bridegroom Comes at Midnight

Epithets for the Passion of Christ

Great and Holy Monday

Holy Week Chants

The Mystery of  Holy Unction

Lamentations — Statis 3 — From Holy Friday

Las Lamentaciones del Viernes Santo (same as above but in Spanish)

The “Little Services” of the Church (from Holy Tuesday)

Epitaphios — Great and Holy Friday & Holy Saturday

Today Hell Cries Out Groaning — Holy Saturday Hymn

From Matins of Holy & Great Saturday

How Shall I Bury You, My God?

God Has Died in the Flesh and Hell Trembles in Fear

Why Christ Descended into Hades — Sermon by St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Pascha Resources:

Christ is Risen from the Dead!

Singing “Christ is Risen!” in Many Tongues

The Midnight Pascha Service

The Midnight Pascha: A Visitor’s View


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