Good and Holy Friday

Some clips from services for Good and Holy Friday from Holy Cross Orthodox Church in High Point, North Carolina:

Matins of Holy Friday

Christ is Laid in the Tomb:


“Do Not Lament Me, O Mother” from the Ninth Ode of the Paschal Nocturnes (celebrated Saturday evening  just before Midnight)  at St. Maximus the Confessor Orthodox Church in Denton, Texas:


2 Responses to Good and Holy Friday

  1. Susan Peterson says:

    How does your priest feel about videotaping? I videotaped a minute and a half of the procession with the shroud at my church, and the priest saw me from under the shroud, and I could tell he was not pleased. I felt I could still tell he was not pleased with me when he gave me communion tonight.
    So I have been wondering, is there something irreverent about filming parts of the liturgy while one is also participating in it? I only wanted to show the beauty of this worship to friends who aren’t familiar with it.

    • orthocath says:

      These videos are not from my parish. As for our priest, I don’t know. I’ve not asked him. Personally, I think it would be good to do so beforehand. Hopefully, he would agree that it would be good to do so to show the beauty of it like you said.

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