What is the Orthodox Church?

A presentation by Fr. William R. Cassis from Holy Trinity — St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, as part of an Orthodoxy 101 series:


2 Responses to What is the Orthodox Church?

  1. My from-the-hip definition: a messy communion of good conservative ethnic churches that are little to do with each other (which is fine with them) yet remarkably alike.

  2. orthocath says:

    Interesting. I think the “ethnic” thing varies from place to place. Of course, being American is just as ethnic, is it not? On the West Coast, there are less “ethnic” (read non-English) parishes where one is likely to find spaghetti and Mexican food along with pierogies at a parish luncheon. Not to say Orthodoxy doesn’t have its problems. At times, it is very “messy,” like you say. Reminds me of the stuff we read in Church history about the early Church.

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