Orthodox Western Rite Mass Easter 2011

A video of Lauds and Easter Mass from Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church in Lincoln Park, Michigan, a mission of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese which uses the Western Rite. This appears to be from Sunday morning of their Holy Week Services.

The video can be viewed here in HD.


One Response to Orthodox Western Rite Mass Easter 2011

  1. Chris McAvoy says:

    This was an interesting example of the Lauds and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass within the post 16th century tridentine tradition, in english.

    I am not that surprised that the western rite is as small as it is given the examples set forth within this mass. On the other hand I am not surprised that it is gradually growing either.

    Many of the propers are I feel overly simple. I think this is the weakness that needs to be worked on. The Churches either ought to find a better cantor or develop intermediate propers that not too difficult, but still retain something of an original melody as found in the original gregorian chants. Using the exact same psalm tone over and over for propers is not going to get the Western rite through the ages of ages successfully. The Eastern rite wil attract more people through sheer beauty I fear if it is not careful to retain something of more comparable quality. Musically, they need to maintain the exact same attraction and appeal that the “Traditional latin mass” roman catholic parishes maintain. Most of the ones I’ve been to actually sing the original elaborate melodies of the propers. This makes a big impact psychologically and spiritually.

    On the other hand, the fact that it is all acapella is great, and the simplicity does ensure that less mistakes are made. Many of the singers seem to be very capable I think they can grow beyond where they currently are, if allowed to.

    For instance the antiphons sung by the one cantor in Lauds inbetween the psalms, which were excellent examples of a more simple proper that retains a unique melody. The sparsity of the office is a bit shocking when compared to the Eastern form. It seems to me it could use a few more “preces” capitella to “give more meat for to those bones”. A prayer of St Augustine or two or three.

    The instrumental interlude at the beginning was a surprise I wouldnt have expected and did seem “out of place”, but didnt break any rules being that it wasnt officially part of the liturgy.

    On the one hand the miles coverdale psalms clearly are not as accurate or literal a translation as the either the 1987 Holy Transfiguation Septuagint, Challoner Douay Rheims or 1979 BCP psalters. On the other hand the coverdale lend themselves well to singing.

    In many ways this is the best that western christianity has to offer at the present time, outside of certain traditional roman catholic churches. This is both good and bad. Good because it is a good start, bad because so much more can and should be done.
    ROCOR probably will give the Antiochians a run for their money once its western rite becomes more established.

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