Metropolitan Kallistos: For the Peace from Above…

December 15, 2011

For the Peace from Above: the Understanding of Peace in the New Testament and the Orthodox Liturgy. Lecture by  Metropolitan Kallistos Ware from the University of Oxford, given Nov. 14, 2011 at The Academic Forum for Peace, Poland 2011, held by Wrocław University and Institute for the Study of Islam.

The Nativity Kontakion

December 11, 2011

Today the virgin gives birth to the transcendent One;
and the earth presents a cave to the unapproachable One;
Angels with shepherds give Him glory;
Wisemen below a star as they journey to Him;
who is God from all ages yet for our sake is born as a little Child.

St Nicholas Celebration for Children at St Nicholas Cathedral

December 10, 2011

Fragments from a liturgical celebration, along with a children’s sermon, for the Feast of St Nicholas at St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Washington, DC:


New Blog: Letters on Orthodoxy

December 2, 2011

I just came across a new blog that I thought ought to be shared:

Letters on Orthodoxy

The blogger explains why he’s started his new site:

Hello. This blog is a collection of correspondence begun on October 27, 2011, with my family on the subject of my impending conversion from Protestant Christianity to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. I have been a Protestant for my entire life (about 35 years), but for the last two or three years have been intensely studying Orthodoxy.   I kept this hidden from my extended family so that I didn’t rock their boats while I figured some things out, but after settling in my heart that I was ready to convert I started the process of informing my family.

I decided to post the letters (scrubbed of names) for a few reasons.  I suspect that the issues I’m dealing with are fairly universal to converting Protestants.  You might find them helpful if you are thinking about Orthodoxy, someone you know is converting and you want to know more and why, or you are converting and want to have some help in letting your family know.  You can feel free to take these letters and use them for your own personal correspondence, modified appropriately.  I also am sharing them because they took a lot of time and personal research to write, and while not perfect I’m sure, they might save others some time.

He shares his first comment to his Mom about his spiritual journey and concludes expressing his love for his family:

Over the intervening period we have before the joining becomes official I hope you will take the time necessary to becoming acquainted with Orthodoxy and to pray for us.  I would like for you to be able to become comfortable with what Eastern Orthodoxy is and be able to engage with it.  Maybe you already are!  I don’t know.  You’ve always done such a good job at embracing the things that us kids were involved in.  You’ve looked at the journeys we take and make them your own, to the degree you can.  While this may look like a really bizarre turn I think over time you’ll see what about Orthodoxy draws me and be able to wish us well on the journey, even if it’s not one you would take.

I love you and Dad.  I always have, and I always will.  Think about this email, and then give me a call sometime when we can talk privately about it.  Maybe you can “go for a walk” or something?  Again, please keep this private for the moment until we can talk.  Thanks.

The first few letters have been posted here and more are to follow.  This is a blog definitely worth following.