Short Blog Break

I need to focus on some personal items for the next couple of weeks so I’ll be taking a break from blogging. One project in the works: a friend is preparing a translation of an article reviewing the new Ukrainian Catholic Catechism and I will post that as soon as it’s ready.

While we are observing Lent, I recommend these little parables which were produced by the Monastery of St. Elizabeth in Minsk. The audio is in Russian but it’s open captioned into English. The quality of the English translation is a bit off at times but the message is clear. They provide some great insights on the spiritual life. I particularly like the last parable about discerning Christ in the people we meet each day.


One Response to Short Blog Break

  1. Anam Cara says:

    Wonderful! The last one reminds me to Tolstoy’s story made into a kid’s movie: Martin the Cobbler. I loved it as a child. Guess I need to find it again.

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