This is Shameful

Sometimes you just have to say it bluntly. This recently uploaded video at You Tube shows an Orthodox group in Sevastopol, Ukraine attacking what has been identified as a group of Seventh-day Adventists distributing literature from a booth. This sort of behavior, especially in a country that proclaims freedom of religion, is *very* disturbing and should be condemned in no uncertain terms. Remember, it was Jesus who said about those who disagreed with His teachings: “Let them be…” (Matthew 15:14). Jesus never encouraged this approach.

9 Responses to This is Shameful

  1. True. It looks like there may have been something or a series of events that precipitated this event. I’d hate to think this procession to the SDA literature stand was a first encounter.

  2. Catholic from Asia says:

    I don’t think you Americans have any idea of the hateful language and polemics that SDA’s and other sects (Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example) deploy in other countries against Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. What I see here are Orthodox who have been driven to anger, most likely by the blasphemous and destructive language of the SDA’s against the Mother of God, the Church and the Eucharist. I know many Catholics who’d do the same if they could.

    • orthocath says:

      Actually, I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and I’m very familiar with them. I cannot disagree with you more strongly. There is absolutely NO excuse for this behavior. None at all.

      • dad0seven says:

        As a former Seventh-Day Adventist, it saddens me to see this type of confrontation. Perhaps the actions of the priests were meant to be symbolic but the destruction of the SDA’s booth and material was simple vandalism/mob action. My path to Orthodoxy was prompted by truth and those with a secure background in such truth, one would think, would not be threatened by the prosthelytizing by a fringe group in a public place.

      • dad0seven says:

        As an addendum, a quick look at the Internet puts the ratio of Orthodox to SDA in Ukraine at about 6 Adventists to every thousand Orthodox.

      • dad0seven says:

        In contrast, despite 170 years of relatively unfettered freedom in the USA (sans Communism and all associated fetters), the Adventists are at approximately the same ratio (only 6 for every 964 citizens).

      • Edward Young says:

        It is very sad to see this kind action which does not show the love of God. Yet again these outside groups do eat deal to destroy the Christian Community that is more than 1,000 years old. It seem they are work again the Christian faith, the Holy Orthodox Catholic Faith of our fathers whogave
        their lives for Christ Jesus our Lord and God. They do the work the communist do not finish to destroy the nation and it faith. But we need to pray and do good work and teach the Holy Faith accepted by Saint Volodymyr the Great in 988. It was not Protestant!!!!

  3. Hugo says:

    dad0seven… i am Adventist become Eastern Catholic. I’d love to hear your story!

  4. brianglass says:

    I’m a former SDA convert to Orthodoxy myself. I suspect “Catholic from Asia” is spot on in his analysis. However, this sort of activity certainly doesn’t contribute positively to our public relations efforts.

    But I must confess that I did experience this video rather more gleefully than I should have…

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