Meeting Between Pope Benedict XVI and Metropolitan Hilarion

H/T: Byzantine Texas

[Pope Benedict and Metropolitan Hilarion and his entourage converse in English]

( – On September 29, 2011, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, DECR chairman, met with Pope Benedict XVI at the pontifical summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.

They discussed a wide range of issues concerning the bilateral relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Moscow Patriarchate.
After their tete-a-tete talk, Metropolitan Hilarion presented to Pope Benedict his retinue including Archpriest Dimitry Sizonenko, DECR secretary for inter-Christian relations, Fr. Antony (Sevryuk), rector of the Parish of St. Catherine in Rome, Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, a cleric of St. Catherine’s, Fr. Ioann (Kopeikin), assistant to the DECR chairman, Mr. V. Yakunin and Mr. S. Plastilin, Orthodox sponsors, and Mr. L. Sevastyanov, executive secretary of the St. Gregory the Theologian Charity.

Metropolitan Hilarion presented the Pope of Rome with an icon of St. Benedict of Nursia and an album on frescoes by St. Andrew Rublev.

Further coverage:

Listen to an interview with Metropolitan Hilarion about this visit here.

Metropolitan Hilarion celebrates Divine Liturgy at Catacombs of St. Priscilla in Rome


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